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Top 6 Safe Driving Tips for A Tough Texas Winter

Navigating winter roads in Texas poses unique challenges, from light rain to sudden braking. Winter months, especially December and January, witness a spike in fatal crashes in Texas, with over 730 reported accidents in 2022 alone. As the winter season unfolds, our experienced personal injury attorneys at the Stano Law Firm emphasizes the importance of safe driving with these six essential tips:

1. Anticipate Wet or Icy Roads:

Winter hazards in Texas may include freezing bridges or black ice, along with unpredictable weather. Awareness is key. In flood-prone areas, exercise caution, and avoid flooded roads. Rain, mixed with oil, creates slick surfaces, so reduce speed and maintain distance. In icy or snowy conditions, adopt a gentle driving approach, avoiding sudden acceleration, braking, or steering. If skidding occurs, remain calm, ease off the gas, steer carefully, and pull over if necessary.

2. Drive Defensively Around Holidays:

Fatal accidents surge during winter holidays, accompanied by increased drunk driving and heavy traffic. Plan accordingly by leaving earlier to avoid congestion. Stay focused on the road during slow traffic, take breaks on long trips, and avoid overloading your vehicle. Defensive driving is crucial in holiday traffic conditions.

3. Prepare for Fog:

Winter in Texas often brings dense fog, reducing visibility on roads. Use wipers and defrosters judiciously, but also drive at a speed that matches your limited visibility. Increase braking distance, use low beam headlights, and pull over safely if visibility is severely compromised.

4. Give Your Vehicle Attention:

Regular vehicle maintenance is paramount, especially in winter. Check tire pressure, change worn-out wipers, top off fluids, and address minor repairs promptly. Well-maintained vehicles are better equipped to handle sudden changes in road conditions.

5. Exercise Caution Around Trucks:

Large trucks, common on Texas highways, require longer stopping distances, making them prone to accidents on slick roads. Maintain a safe distance from trucks, use turn signals effectively, and ensure a clear lane before changing lanes, especially during winter.

6. Pack a Winter Car Emergency Kit:

Prepare for unexpected situations with a winter car emergency kit. Include essentials like blankets, hand warmers, water, nonperishable food, a first-aid kit, road flares, flashlight, tire-related items, and a portable phone charger. Being prepared can make a significant difference in emergencies.

Injured in a Winter Car Accident? Contact Matt Stano at the Stano Law Firm:

Even with precautions, accidents can happen. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car or truck accident, contact Matt Stano, a dedicated personal injury lawyer at The Stano Law Firm. Call (832) 777-0390 or submit a confidential email through the Contact Us form. The Stano Law Firm has a proven record of winning millions for clients and understands the profound impact of accidents on victims and their families. Consultations are free, and you pay only if you win your case.