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meet our team

Matthew C. Stano

Owner/Managing Attorney

As Owner and Managing Attorney of The Stano Law Firm, Matt has represented thousands of injured Texans. Matt has gone up against the largest insurance companies and recovered millions of dollars for his clients. No injury is too big or too small for Matt. He takes pride in being a tough negotiator, competent trial lawyer and advocate for all clients of The Stano Law Firm.

Before opening The Stano Law Firm, Matt Stano was a Texas Prosecutor. Working for the District Attorney’s Office, he fought for the rights of Texans and prosecuted hundreds of cases. Matt Stano is no stranger to trial and has extensive courtroom experience.

In 2016 , Matt opened up The Stano Law Firm with his wife Adelaida . The firm started out with zero clients. However, one by one, people started to call when they heard about Stano ’s focus on customer service. In those early years, Matt treated every client like they had the most important case in Texas. The Stano Law Firm continues this tradition b y making sure cases are pushed forward aggressively, giving clients proper attention and fighting the insurance company when they refuse to cooperate . Matt believes clients are the most important part his business. There is no business without the clients.

Matt holds a juris doctorate degree from South Texas College of Law and a Bachelor of Science degree from Middle Tennessee State University. When Matt is not fighting for his clients, he enjoys spending time his wife, son and two dogs.

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Maria Tobon

Office Manager

In her capacity as the Office Manager , Maria is the glue that keep s the office together . Whether its ordering supplies, organizing case files or taking a trip to the post office, Maria devot es her time to our clients. Maria says, “ I always wanted to work in an office with a team environment... I found that years ago at The Stano Law Firm. I LOVE MY JOB! I also enjoy seeing joy in the eyes of our clients and feel their appreciation.”

Maria is originally from in Medellin, Colombia. When Maria isn’t taking care of business at the office, you can typically find her traveling the world or exploring new restaurants with her grandson.


Emilia Martinez

Senior Case Manager

Emilia truly enjoys her role as Senior Case Manager. She is an intelligent, kind and compassionate person which makes her a perfect fit for her role at the firm. Emilia says, “I like the warm and welcoming family work environment at The Stano Law Firm. Everyone's hard work and dedication never goes unseen. ”

Emilia is from Houston, TX but was raised in the state of Washington. When Emilia is not helping clients, she enjoys spending time with her family and making home cooked meals.


Angel Bradley

Senior Legal Assistant

Angel dedication to customer satisfaction make s her an ideal fit for the firm. Angel is truly an “angel ” for our clients. Fueled by a passion to help others, she works tirelessly to improve our clients’ lives. Angel draft s demand letters and requests records for our litigation department.

Angel is a native Southeast Texan and enjoys spending time with her family and pets. Angel says, “I like being a part of The Stano Law Firm team where we all do our best for our clients.”


Taylor Franks

Litigation Attorney

Taylor is a Litigation A ttorney at The Stano Law Firm and licensed to represent clients in Texas state and federal courts. He obtained his Juris Doctorate from St. Mary’s School of Law and his undergraduate degree at Texas A&M. Since joining the firm, Taylor has fought tirelessly for our clients in cases involving motor vehicle accidents, insurance bad faith, premises liability, and pedestrian accidents. In his time here at SLF, he has recovered millions of dollars for clients.

Taylor says, “there is strong firm culture at The Stano Law Firm. We have a willingness to work as a team to help our clients.” He also enjoys “being able to put a check in a client's pocket after fighting with greedy insurance companies... I en joy getting individuals the help they need after they have unexpected injury caused by someone else's carelessness.”

Taylor remembers one memory with a client who “did everything the right way, by the book...but the insurance company would not fix their car or pay for any of their medical bills. We fought the insurance company and we were able to get them to accept liability, pay for the vehicle to get fixed, pay for their medical bills and the clients' pain and suffering.”

Taylor grew up in Katy and Tomball and has lived in the greater Houston area most of his life. In his spare time, Taylor enjoys spending time with family and friends. He also likes watching sports (NFL, MLB, College Football, Texas A&M Football) and outdoor activities such as: grilling, camping, boating, duck hunting and fishing.


Yamileth Reyes


Yami is a paralegal at The Stano Law Firm. She has worked in the personal injury legal field for over a decade . She has great customer service and organizational skills and is a true go getter. Regarding working at the firm, Yami says, “I love the atmosphere and how genuine everyone here is. I’m p roud to be a part of such a great establishment that is here to seek jus tice for our clients. ” Being a bilingual Spanish speaker, she also enjoys “assisting the clients that are not able to express their feeling or concerns due to the language barrier. ”

Yami loves spending time with my husband, son and my two fur babies Chito and Canela. She also enjoys fishing, finding new restaurants to try and our last - minute road trips.


Gladys Campbell

Legal Assistant

Gladys understands the value of having a strong work ethic. But what really makes her shine is her outgoing, warm - hearted attitude. She always wears a smile on her face a nd knows just what to do to make her clients feel welcome and at ease.

Gladys is originally from Colombia but has lived in Houston for many years. A way from work, Gladys enjoys spending her days with family out in Houston.


Nicholas Campos


Nicholas is an attorney at The Stano Law Firm and is licensed to represent clients in Texas. He received his Juris Doctorate from South Texas College of Law. Nic has since used his skills for research and oral advocacy to fight tirelessly for our clients in cases involving catastrophic injury, premises liability, and motor vehicle collisions.

In his spare time, Nic enjoys traveling, watching sports, playing tennis and soccer, and spending time with family and friends. Nic’s hometown is Atascocita, Texas. Nic says, “ I like the team environment that we have at the firm - we all work together for a common goal. ”


Claudia Perales

When it comes to customer service, Claudia is one of the best. Serving as a Case Manager for the The Stano Law Firm, Claudia believes in treating clients well and earning their trust. She says, “the time I've spent here has shown me that our clients really put their trust in this firm. Clients tell me they can trust me to do a good job because the firm has already been so good to them, making my job a lot easier.”

Claudia says, “I enjoy working at The Stano Law Firm because the firm has so much drive to be the best. Everyone is such a hard worker, so it's inspiring to be around them. I like the way clients and the firm have a close relationship.”

When not helping clients, Claudia enjoys gardening, taking a walk at the park and watching the ducks with her kids, or reading a good book. She likes to visit different bookstores to find copies of old books.


Adelaida Stano


Adelaida is the Administrator at the firm. She is truly the backbone of The Stano Law Firm and makes sure everything administratively runs smoothly when Matt is in court or trial. Adelaida has worked in the personal injury field for over two decades and truly enjoys helping injured clients getting their lives back. Adelaida says, “One of the best things about serving our clients is when the outcome changes their lives…When I see tears of joy across the table, I know I’ve been a part of something special…that the client’s live will be changed forever, in a good way.”

Adelaida was born in Medellin, Colombia and but has been in Houston for many years. When not at work, Adelaida enjoys spending quality time with her family, searching for a good food truck in Houston or exercising.


Jacob Marin

Director of Operations

Jacob is a native Houstonian and takes great pride in the quality of hi s work. Starting as an intern, Jacob eventually worked his way up to a Case Manager, then Senior Case Manager and finally the Director of Operations. As the Director of Operations, Jacob has an assortment of tasks including managing IT, Investigations, Internal Communications and assists in staff training.

Jacob is always eager to lend a helping hand and enjoys working for our clients. Jacob says, “I love being a part of The Stano Law Firm family... working for a firm that truly cares and does so much to give back to the community. ”

In h is spare time, Jacob loves exploring the city and finding hidden gems across town. This could mean finding new food places, events, and shops to explore. He also enjoys time with my friends and family


Jason Brooks

Senior Litigation Attorney

Jason Brooks is an extremely gifted lawyer. He is a fierce litigator and excels in the areas of legal research and writing. Jason exerts true legal muscle for The Stano Law Firm as he is in charge of our motions practice and legal briefs. Jason’s efforts litigating the firm’s cases has resulted in millions of dollars’ worth of settlements for The Stano Law Firm clients. Jason says The Stano Law Firm is “a great company with great people who put the needs of the clients first above all else... rarified company indeed. The firm has helped my own friends and family and did a great job with their cases.”

Jason is Native Houstonian and graduate of the South Texas College of Law. In his spare time, Jason enjoys spending time with my wife, friends, family, and cats. Jason is a TV and movie buff, loves cooking and is a huge Astros fan.


Jaime Marks

Jaime is a paralegal at The Stano Law Firm and enjoys helping our clients. As a paralegal, Jaime stays on top of court procedures, litigation deadlines and all the other work required to prepare our clients for trial. Jaime says, “I enjoy helping our clients settle their fears and anxiety by answering questions on the procedures when going through the litigation process.”

In her spare time, Jaime enjoys spending time with her husband, son and two dogs.


Carmen Salinas

Case Manager

Carmen is a Case Manager at The Stano Law Firm with many years of personal injury experience. Carmen enjoys serving clients. She says, “The fact that we are able to help clients who are injured is very rewarding.” Remembering her best memory at the firm, she states, “ One client came in to close their case and realized their home could be paid off.... It was such an incredible moment. ” When it comes to working at the firm, Carmen says “I have amazing co-workers who are always ready to help. We're a team and everyone is treated like we're family!”

Carmen w as born in Laredo, TX but has spent many years in Houston. She’s very family - oriented and enjoys spending time with her husband and children. She also enjoys traveling and is always looking for exciting places to visit.


Annabel Ramirez

Senior Paralegal

Annabel is a paralegal at The Stano Law Firm who excels at legal writing and maintaining positive client relations. She joined our team with years of paralegal experience under her belt, which equips her to provide invaluable support to our attorneys in the litigation process. Regarding clients, Annabel says, “ While there are far too many favorite memories with clients, one thing that never changes is the gratitude our clients have for helping them throughout the long litigation process.” As far as our firm, Annabel states “Everyone is very inviting and welcoming of one another. We have a true sense of family here.”

Annabel is a Houston native who enjoy crafting and exploring new places with friends.


Jalil De La Torres

Investigator/Legal Assistant

Jalil joined our team thanks to a love of the Houston community and the desire to help serve the people of that community. Coming from years in the personal inj ury legal field, Jalil says, “ I enjoy my job because it challenges my creativity. I always have to think outside the box.” Jalil recalls, “I had a friend whose brother suffered a wrongful death. Of course, I went above and beyond to help him because this case felt personal. I try to keep that approach with every client.”

Jalil is Houston born and raised. When not working, Jalil enjoys going to car meets, recreational/sport shooting and trying out new food spots.


Melinda Alamilla


Melinda prepares the firm's most complex cases for trial with the litigation department at The Stano Law Firm. When the heat is on and the pressure is high, Melinda has proven time and again that she will rise to meet any challenge. Melinda says, “I enjoy working for The Stano Law Firm because I feel appreciated and part of the team. As a whole I feel that the law firm cares about the clients and are truly trying to help them. I admire both the company and the personal values here that I haven't seen in past workplaces.”

Outside of work, she likes to read, go to the movies and hang out with friends and family. Melinda was born and raised in Houston.


Stephanie Sierra

Closing Coordinator

Stephanie is a Closing Coordinator in the c losing department at The Stano Law Firm. Although you may not see her, she works behind the scenes meticulously analyzing each case and working closely with providers to ensure that our clients receive the maximum amount of money in their pocket.

A native Houstonian, Stephanie loves love spending time with her Family. She says, “I like working at The Stano Law Firm because everyone here is super nice and professional and that always makes clients feel welcomed. The most awesome experience of all is being able to put a smile on our client's face s after the pain and suffering they went through.”


Wesley Murfree


Wesley is a paralegal at The Stano Law Firm. He received obtained his Juris Doctorate from Louisiana State University and intends on becoming a licensed attorney in the State of Texas. Wesley is proud to bring this experience with him in ensuring his client’s interests are well represented

Originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Wesley enjoys spending time with friends and family along with playing computer games. Wesley states, “ What I like about working at The Stano Law Firm is how people here are very helpful and seem to really care about each other. The work environment here is very welcoming for new people and clients. ”