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Four Reasons Texas Motorcycle Accidents are So Dangerous

Motorcycle enthusiasts are drawn to the openness and freedom of their favorite activity, but some of the features you love about riding can put you at risk of serious injuries in an accident. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TX DOT), around 520 people are killed in motorcycle accidents annually. In addition, there are almost 5,500 motorcycle riders injured in traffic collisions, leading to significant losses. Fortunately, you may qualify to recover compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Texas motorcycle crashes are more dangerous than other motor vehicle accidents, a factor that can also make the legal process complicated. You could face challenges in negotiating settlement with an insurance company, as well as with litigation. It is wise to get assistance from a Texas motorcycle accident lawyer who will tackle the important tasks and recover fair compensation. You can also read on to learn what makes these collisions so devastating.

1. Vehicle Size: A quick glance at a motorcycle sitting next to an automobile tells you right away that the size differential is a factor with collisions. A typical passenger vehicle weighs around 4,000 pounds, while a motorcycle averages 300 to 500 pounds. Plus, most cars are at least twice or three times the length of a motorcycle. The smaller of the two vehicles will absorb the most energy of the impact, so the rider is at a significant disadvantage.

2. Motorcycle Design: There are multiple aspects of the design of a motorcycle that increase the risk of dangerous collisions with negligent drivers.

  • The two-wheeled structure has considerable effects on balance, so riders need more time to react to a traffic threat.
  • The narrow profile of a motorcycle means less stability when changing lanes and making turns.
  • There is no metal barrier to protect the motorcyclist from impact.

3. Visibility and Other Motorists: Because motorcycles are smaller in stature, careless motorists often cause crashes because they are not paying proper attention to all road users. Drivers must yield right of way in a wide range of traffic situations, but they fail to check and typically overlook motorcycle riders. Many motorcycle collisions happen because a motorist veered into another lane or made a left turn in front of a rider.

4. Secondary Impact: With a lack of metal barrier, the rider will almost always be ejected from the vehicle in a motorcycle accident. This means that there is a secondary impact after the initial strike, when the motorcyclist lands on cement, the shoulder of the road, or another vehicle. A rider could be tossed several feet or even yards through the air.

Consult with a Texas Motorcycle Accident About Your Legal Remedies

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle collision, you can count on the Stano Law Firm to provide skilled legal services throughout the process. To learn how we can assist with your claim, please contact us to set up a free case evaluation. You can reach our Houston offices by calling (832) 777-0390, dialing toll free (832) 777-0390, or visiting us online.